Why are the most VPN providers unsafe? Always research if you IP/DNS is leaking and choose the best provider

Best exciting, signing up for a VPN subscription. Now that you’re finally up and running and have the VPN app installed, all those options are still pretty confusing.

A VPN that always works

Exclusive offer for VPN Netherlands A good tip is to enable as many security methods as possible. So first go into the options of the app of your choice to turn on things like the Kill-SwitchIPv6 protection and DNS Leak protection. But how do you know if these are doing their job properly? – We’ve looked up some handy online tools to help you with this choice when you choose ExpressVPN ab Globalwatchonline.com

Preventing a leaking IP address

First of all, it is important that your real IP address is not leaked. This is used by companies and services to track you.Hiding your IP address is the most basic function of a VPN. To see if your IP is properly hidden, it is first important to know what your current IP address is. So first disable your VPN and go to the “What’s my ip”website to see what the IP address you got from your internet provider is. Write this down and make sure you also write down your IPv6 address, you can use that later. Then turn on your VPN and visit the site again to see if the address has been changed correctly pour les Netflix VPN en France.

Is your DNS leaking?

Another way your anonymity is compromised is a DNS leak. These nasty leaks can be used to still see where you are logging in from. To prevent this from happening, most VPN applications have a special feature to prevent such leaks.

To see if your DNS leak protection is working properly, you can use the DNSLeak website to see if you can still be tracked unless you use Express VPN nel Italia.

Preventing inconvenient IPv6 leaks

IPv6 is the successor to the rapidly aging IPv4 protocol. The main reason it needs replacement is the huge increase in internet users and devices that have their own internet connection (the Internet of Things, or IoT).

  • For more details on IPv6, check out our article on the most commonly used terms and protocols. Because IPv6 is new and doesn’t always work well with IPv4, the transition is not yet complete. Also, not all VPN providers are able to hide your IPv6 address. To make sure this is done properly, the website ipv6leak.com was created. Compare the result with the IPv6 address you noted earlier.